Pretend play was born in 2014 in Montreal, Canada. Rosalie Lemay, the designer, is a multidisciplinary artist considered a veteran in her field. Self taught and not afraid of boundaries, she birthed Pretend play to channel her twisted thoughts on fashion and encourage people to stand out of the masses.

Harvesting inspiration from worldwide subcultures, music and old school movies, Pretend play creates one of a kind and limited edition pieces for unique individuals who are ready to think outside the box.

Pretend play is an eco-friendly, vegan brand that puts an artistic twist on everyday fashion by mixing art and up-cycling techniques.

Redefining reality through creative fashion, Rosalie has been able to now carry the brand worldwide through her website and social medias. Local and international celebrities have been wearing and supporting her art, giving Pretend play a strong momentum in the 1/1 wearable art scene.