ftw fleecy phat shorts
ftw fleecy phat shorts
ftw fleecy phat shorts
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ftw fleecy phat shorts

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- ftw fleecy phat shorts. - 


 These oversized baggy shorts are constructed from recycled materials and new fabrics. The bootleg LV fabric is a soft, plushy fleece. It’s so cozy! The butt flap at the back is reversible, removable and can be worn open or zipped closed. The waist has a drawstring finish for an adjustable fit. No pockets.

This one of a kind piece is made for all genders and is vegan friendly!


Size: fit comparable to a men’s L/XL

 Fit: plushy, rebel, fun.

*Please message us for exact measurements. 

Care instructions: Please attend to your creations with care. Wash in washing machine or by hand, gentle cycle, cold water only. Hang to dry. No dryer. No bleach. No hot water. Use mild stain remover on tough spots if need be!

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